how to make preserved lemons



Pegeen January 6, 2013
If you make the Bittman version, it's a good idea to buy unwaxed lemons (usually organic). There's also a whole thread on the lemons here in the Hotline section:
Diana B. January 5, 2013
Link to the recipe CHeeb references:
CHeeb January 5, 2013
Mark Bittman has a quickie version you can find on the NYT link for preserved lemons. I've made it many times and it lasts forever in the frig.NJOY!!!
em-i-lis January 5, 2013
And if you want a quick fix, I love this recipe which makes a small and manageable amount:
hardlikearmour January 5, 2013
There are multiple recipes, and depending on the amount of time you have you could go with any of these:
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