Where do you buy Preserved Lemon?

I'd like to make the Braised Moroccan Chicken and Olives for dinner tonight, but the Preserved Lemons needed for this dish could be a problem. The recipe on this site for the Preserved Lemons takes about 2 weeks - so I need to either buy it or substitute. I just called my local WF, and they don't think they carry it. Any ideas?


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hardlikearmour June 21, 2011
I've done the Bittman version, and they come out really nicely in a short time period. My husband prefers them to traditional preserved lemons.
Greenstuff June 21, 2011
Preserved lemons are pretty easy to make., but unless you're going for the quick cure, like the Bittman recipe, they usually take a some time. Paula Wolfert has a recipe in her book, Couscous and Other Good Foods from Morocco. It's a great book, worth having if you're going to make more Moroccan food. But the recipe is also on Epicurious at http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Preserved-Lemons-231570
Amanda H. June 21, 2011
Do you have any Middle Eastern markets near you? They would carry it. Alternatively, you can use the peel of a lemon. It won't have the same effect but will at least add some nice citrus aroma.
a S. June 21, 2011
I've seen them at "my" Whole Foods (Cupertino, CA) in the olive bar section. Though I haven't tried this recipe, Mark Bittman has a recipe for quick-preserved lemons that might do the trick: http://markbittman.com/this-weeks-minimalist-quick-preserved-lemons. Good luck!
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