How long can I keep mortadella?

I bought 1/2 pound of mortadella in one piece (not sliced) last Monday from Eataly - it's still in the original packaging from the deli counter - would it still be ok? Wanting to mix it into tortellini or meatballs today.

  • Posted by: JuliaB
  • January 16, 2013


driftless December 7, 2017
Mortadella sold in the USA is both cured with nitrite and cooked. It has a longer refrigerated shelf life than Mortadella in Italy. Both are great.
JuliaB January 16, 2013
Thanks all, it was actually fine (not slimy, no smell) and I ground it into meatballs which were delicious!
pierino January 16, 2013
Mortadella is NOT a "cured" meat although it is a form of sausage. A week after it's been sliced is probably okay. Some of the commercial types do contain preservatives as well as sodium nitrate which will last longer. But from Eataly... I would advise eat it now. As bonus you should see pieces of lard and pistachio in the slice.
CHeeb January 16, 2013
It also gets slimy when past its prime,JuliaB. You can tell by smell and texture/slime .
nutcakes January 16, 2013
I'd call the deli. If you mean Monday 2 days ago, obviously fine. If you mean Monday 9-10 days ago, I think you are pushing it for a moist meat like Mortadella which is not dried as much as dry salami, say. Either way, if it isn't molding I suppose it is just okay.
cookbookchick January 16, 2013
Yes, as long as you kept it in the fridge. Cured meats do not spoil quickly.
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