I ordered the Lalvain du Jour French Sourdough starter from King Arthur Flour and it just arrived.

I was intending to use it to begin a starter in my fridge that I would feed and bake from once a week or so. But this product seems designed to be used only to start a sponge that's used up within 7 days and not continually fed. Can I still use it the way I intended? I'm glutenfree, so getting an already-built starter isn't an option. I've created my own starter before, but I was hoping for a different flavor profile this time around. It was expensive, so I don't want to experiment without at least a few more opinions on the matter.



cookbookchick January 20, 2013
Excellent! Your bread looks wonderful! Thank you for letting us know how it all worked out.
beyondcelery January 20, 2013
King Arthur Flour sent me this blog post in response:

I'm sure it works wonderfully, because I already did my own experiment with something close to their method and the results are delicious. (attaching a pic of my bread) My starter's on its third day and still bubbling away happily.
cookbookchick January 18, 2013
I would contact King Arthur. They are usually very helpful.
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