first time cooking mash potatoes and i want to make them as decadent as possible, suggestions?



spiffypaws November 23, 2010
Cook the potatoes in chicken stock and use some of this liquid when mashing. Add butter, softened cream cheese, sour cream and roasted garlic.
nutcakes November 23, 2010
Some members recommend this recipe for rich and creamy potatoes-I saw it on Food TV when she beat Bobby Flay in Tksgiving cookoff
DebJ November 23, 2010
For mashed potatoes, I like Yukon Gold. Mash (I use a hand masher for texture) them with unsalted butter, warm cream or half & half, salt, pepper, snipped fresh chives. And feel free to add shredded Gruyere! (these is also good for twice baked potatoes using Russets).
hardlikearmour November 23, 2010
Boil the potatoes with skins on so they don't absorb as much water, that way more of the moisture will be from the cream, or goat cheese, etc....Also do NOT over mix them or they will become gluey. I like to run them through a ricer, so they are very smooth, but that's a personal preference.
davidbryce November 23, 2010
A good dollop of real butter and a little milk then whisk up with a fork until light and fluffy that's assuming you are making mash from real potatoes and not smash
buck November 23, 2010
Real butter, of course
Heavy cream (be sure it's hot not cold)
Goat cheese and/or sour cream, maybe a cup total for 10 medium potatoes
Lexmccall November 23, 2010
sour cream. or creme fraiche. in addition to butter and cream. ooh, and roasted garlic. and don't forget to salt the water you use to boil the potatoes.
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