Dairy-free mashed potatoes

I have a dairy-free guest and want to make mashed potatoes he can eat. I've seen recipes that use chicken/vegetable stock and ones that use the starchy cooking water. Any opinions on which is better (or a third option)?

  • Posted by: Diana
  • November 23, 2017


Merrill S. November 23, 2017
I often make mashed potatoes using a combination of the starchy cooking liquid and a generous amount of olive oil. The flavor from the olive oil keeps the potatoes from being one-dimensional, and they are still lovely and rich. Just keep adding little bits of each, stirring and tasting as you go, until you're happy with the texture and flavor. Happy Thanksgiving!
Nancy November 23, 2017
Yes to olive oil and a little but of garlic (or more if the guest loves it).
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