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lloreen January 31, 2013
Yeah, my family members who cannot eat garlic also cannot eat onions, shallots, leeks, garlic chives....I am not sure what causes the problem but it is simply not worth the stomach ache to experiment once you have tried a few times. QueenSashy is right, take the dish in a new direction and have fun with other flavorings. If you are doing Asian - go with fresh ginger - for Indian, ginger and or freshly grated turmeric (if you can get it) with toasted and hand-ground cumin and coriander. For Mediterranean, it is surprising how good fresh vegetables and herbs can taste. I believe the secret really is in the quality of the ingredients. A little freshly chopped thyme or oregano, a few tablespoons of fresh mint or basil at the end, and just a light sprinkling of lemon zest. I still miss garlic (sigh) but I can live without it.
QueenSashy January 31, 2013
I agree with lloreen, nothing really replicates the flavor of garlic, but depending on the dish, you could add different herbs or spices to "compensate". It's an interesting challenge and worth experimenting! It could be lime, or bay leaf, or ginger, or who knows -- but I believe that for every dish there will be a new ingredient to redirect from garlic and take it in new direction.
Maedl January 31, 2013
If he is allergic to garlic, he may also be allergic to shallots, leeks, etc. These plants are all part of the Alium genus and may contain the substance that produces the allergic reaction in your husband. I have two friends with the same problem and have a difficult time cooking for them!
lloreen January 31, 2013
Woe be unto you. There is none. I have several family members who are allergic. All I can say is to use lots of fragrant herbs and plenty of good quality salt. That will titillate the nose and satisfy the palate, even if it does not replicate garlic.
Kristen W. January 31, 2013
Garlic chives! Here's some info about them:
HalfPint January 30, 2013
pierino January 30, 2013
Possibly leeks or scallions, but it really depends on the dish. Is your SO a vampire?
Summer O. January 30, 2013
I would also say it depends on the dish, shallots seem like a natural choice. I am not allergic to garlic but I personally do not like the accosting flavor of raw garlic and in return it doesn't like me back. Therefore, I always blanche, roast or pickle it before using it any dish calling for raw garlic. And sometimes, don't tell anyone, if pressed for time, I microwave it for 6-10 seconds to take off the edge.
RussellW January 30, 2013
All dishes, due to my significant other's very distinct allergy to garlic. Maybe Shallots, onions or garlic might work. Your suggestions?
Merrill S. January 30, 2013
What is the dish you need it for?
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