Oops... I forgot to boil the fresh lasagne noodles and assembled the dish... Any idea if it is entirely ruined?



amysarah January 30, 2013
I agree with ChefJune - I typically use fresh noodles for lasagna, not only because they're tasty, but because they spare the boiling step. I love recipes that make a virtue of being lazy!
jsdunbar January 30, 2013
I recently made canalloni with very thin home made pasta that I had not pre-cooked. I made the sauce cover the pasta, sealed the dish with foil to capture any steam & only uncovered when it was cooked for a moment under the broiler. The result wast perfect!

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ChefJune January 30, 2013
There is no need to boil any lasagne noodles before assembling the dish. There is so much liquid, as well, the dish cools for a long enough period that even the dried supposed-to-be-cooked-before-using noodles cook up just fine. And for fresh noodles, I wouldn't even think of precooking them.
Cookease January 30, 2013
A 9 x 9 pan ... Not big... Have read some cooks use the fresh without boiling... Made them very thin ... Was hoping to serve tomorrow but will cook/ reheat so the noodles don't dissolve he he
cratecooking January 30, 2013
This happened to my family, recently, on Christmas Day. Sometimes when my mother and I cook together it becomes too many cooks in the kitchen, and she refused to boil our freshly-made pasta sheets despite my insistence. The edges/corners of the lasagna were just fine, but the more we tried from the middle of the dish the pasta unfortunately tasted like raw dough. What size is your lasagna? We made a very large one for the holidays, 15" X 10". Perhaps a lasagna in a smaller dish would be more likely to cook off the raw flour flavor.
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