I'm making fresh lasagna sheets. Do I need to boil first?

  • Posted by: Tasha
  • October 31, 2015


amysarah November 3, 2015
I've also made lasagna with fresh pasta sheets directly in the pan (no boiling) countless times - works great. And I also prefer a simple classic lasagna - Bolognese sauce, bechamel, parm, pasta (sometimes fresh mozzarella too, not always.) As long as there's enough sauce to "cook" the pasta, it comes out cooked al dente and the whole dish isn't overly saucy.
ChefJune November 3, 2015
No. you should NOT cook fresh lasagne sheets before assembling. And in fact, there is no need to cook the dried ones, either. The moisture in all the other ingredients permeate the pasta while cooking and your dish comes out exactly as if you had taken that unnecessary step. I can tell you I was SO surprised when I learned that time-saving tip.
Susan W. November 3, 2015
I agree with oldunc. I, personally, don't care for lasagna that is dripping with sauce and cheese. I prefer to let the pasta shine (especially when it's homemade) and like it when the layers are nicely separated. I prefer all of my pastas not heavily sauced. It really depends on what your preference is. There is no right or wrong. Precooking the pasta does not prevent al dente noodles.
Jona @. November 3, 2015
I wouldn't, none likes soggy lasagna.
Smaug November 3, 2015
Cooking the pasta does not make lasagna soggy (you do have to remove it from the water before assembling the dish). Adding enough liquid to cook the pasta probably will.
Jona @. November 3, 2015
I guess its a choice on how you like your pasta, al dente or cooked well. Just a matter of preferences, it would still get done.

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Exbruxelles November 2, 2015
I never boil fresh lasagna sheets. There's plenty of liquid in the sauce and cheese combinations to cook the pasta.
Smaug October 31, 2015
I would. There are baked pasta dishes that cook the pasta with the liquids of the ingredients- the simplest is merely pasta layered with sliced tomatoes- but lasagna doesn't (or shouldn't) contain much moisture. It might work OK if the pasta hasn't started to dry out, might not. It is a bit of a pain- the pasta should be rolled quite thin for many layers 9forget those inch thick store bought noodles)- it should cook in a couple of seconds (a skillet works well for this) and laid out on towels, which tend to pretty well cover the kitchen. I assume you're making your own sauce and bechamel- good luck with the whole thing; a properly made lasagne is a marvel.
Sue October 31, 2015
No! add a 1/4 C. of water to a store bought sauce (24oz.) and if you have made your own sauce, (often not as thick than store bought) add a little less water, or maybe none at all. layer as usual, I know, crazy!!! but it works great.
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