What is tofurky

a Whole Foods Market Customer


pierino February 1, 2013
Per the above answers it's synthetic turkey. I still can't understand why vegetarians want to eat things that resemble real meat but actually aren't. It's like the forbidden fruit or something. If you choose to live on soy products like tofu, well that's fine. But let it be it's own self. I've never ever tasted a fake meat product that actually tasted good, let alone tasted like actual meat. Personally I find the whole idea of pretend foods kind of scary and annoying. Tofu on its own in many asian dishes can be delicious but don't try to turn it into something it's not. And of course that wheat protein will now scare the bejeezus out of the newly converted gluten phobes.
susan G. February 1, 2013
Tofurkey is the brand name for the mock turkey -- much mocked, but it's become a classic. Turtle Island Foods, which makes it, also makes tasty vegetarian sausages, deli slices, even pizza.
drbabs February 1, 2013
A vegetarian turkey substitute made from tofu and wheat protein.
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