Recipe calls for "dry hard cider", but I'm not sure what that ingredient is or where to find it?



ATG117 January 22, 2012
If you can't find any hard cider, you could use regular cider and throw in some beer to equal the amount of hard cider suggested.
Meghann C. January 22, 2012
There are lots of really great artisan ciders out now too. I'd check at a good package store, Whole Foods, and/or Trader Joes if those are available to you.

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nomnivorous January 22, 2012
Hard cider is the fermented, alcoholic cider [in comparison to non-bubbly, non-alcoholic cider that is served warm or cold]. Dry just means a cider that's not too sweet.

Brands: Hornsby, Strongbow, Woodchuck. Generally found near the beer.
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