Good substitutes for dates ?

Dates are not my favorite thing in the world (I tolerate them but I am happier without them), yet I have several recipes that call for dates that I would like to make. One is a bar type "cookie", one is a pudding type cake served with a custard. I have been thinking about substituting dried apricots but I am afraid they will make the batter too dense as they are more chewy and less creamy than dates. Any ideas on what might be a good substitute? Dried fruit or anything else that behaves similar to dates in a baked batter. Thank you

  • Posted by: Droplet
  • February 3, 2013


QueenSashy February 4, 2013
Flavor-wise, I would also vote for figs. In cookie batter, many dry fruits behave similarly, so you could sub dates with a dry fruit of your choice, providing that other flavors encourage it. If you are looking for a substitute similar in texture/density, sour cherries, especially plumper ones, might be more creamy and lighter than apricots.
ATG117 February 4, 2013
I wouldn't sub apricots. The flavor and texture is quite different. Prunes seem possibly closest to me, but it would help to see the recipes in order to know to what extent the dates are relied on.
Monita February 3, 2013
prunes or figs would be good substitutes
FutureChef February 3, 2013
Maybe try a 70-30 blend of dried apricots and raw cashews or use yacon syrup for sweetness and adjust moisture content with more or less flour to adjust for syrup's moisture in comparison I dates' moisture.
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