Storing different types of cookies together

Now that the holiday baking season is upon us, is it okay to store different types of cookies in the same tin? I've always thought it wasn't; that different cookies stored together such as sand tarts and date nuts could take on the flavors of each other. But it would be nice to give a fin with one layer of one cookie and another layer of a different cookie. Does this work?

  • Posted by: ATL
  • December 5, 2013


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My Baba uses wax paper to layer in addition to using muffin cup liners for each type of cookie or bar. This looks attractive and keeps same types together.
Betsy December 6, 2013
I always keep peanut butter cookies (or anything containing peanut butter) separate from the rest because that flavor really pervades.
Shuna L. December 6, 2013
If you are especially worried about oils bleeding into each different cookie variety, use wax paper over parchment and put a paper towel in between 2 sheets of wax paper. Beyond cross-contamination, the only worry I might have is that the crisper cookies might soften as they absorb another moist cookie's moisture. But who doesn't love a time where every layer poses a new and different wonderful cookie? I vote for not worrying so much and mix it up! I wish *I* was on your list...
ATL December 5, 2013
I appreciate all the answers! I grew up with a mother who made enormous amounts of Christmas cookies and packaged them by type in separate tons, each layer separated by wax paper. Then, as suggested above, they were given to friends mixed, but one type per layer separated by wax paper. Glad to fear that still works!
chl0525 December 5, 2013
All of that being said, your idea sounds beautiful but I'm afraid my OCD would never allow it. ;)
chl0525 December 5, 2013
I give cookies every year to what has become a short list a very special people. I box them in a holiday box from a craft store (FYI, Photo storage boxes are MUCH cheaper and more likely to be reused!). I use inexpensive treat bags to keep the different kinds of cookies separate. I can't have chocolate chips rubbing up on the 5 spice crackles! That's just my personal, somewhat crazy, preference. I also advise people to store them in the freezer if they won't be eaten in the next few days. I always use real butter (not margarine/shortening) and I find that the flavor will begin to change after a few days.
ZombieCupcake December 5, 2013
Only thing I have noticed is when it missed variety, that there is nothing too aromatic usually. Shortbreads, buttercookies, and cresents also involving chocolate versions. So guessing if you don't have anything with too much spice or moisture you should be fine.
ChefJune December 5, 2013
For gift giving, a mixed tin works. A family friend used to give us a fabulous tin of mixed cookies every Christmas, also mixed inside the tin (not segregated) and they were all just fine. For host storage, however, it makes more sense to store each type of cookie separately.
ceeteebee December 5, 2013
I don't have a scientific answer, but I can say that I've received a tin of cookies from a friend every holiday season that has a variety of cookies and they are always excellent. The kinds of cookies are usually separated by layers of parchment paper, but there is inevitably some mixing and it never detracts from each cookie's deliciousness.
em-i-lis December 5, 2013
Hah!! Good question, ATL! I want to know this too! When I was little I remember my family receiving tins/fins of mixed cookies, each type in its own quadrant...They always seemed totally fine but an answer that's a bit more scientific would be helpful! :)
ATL December 5, 2013
A fin! No, a tin (above), sorry.
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