Yet another turkey question - the roasting temperature? 325, 350? 450 for a half hour then down to 350? 425 all the way? What do you do?

  • Posted by: DebJ
  • November 23, 2010


pierino November 23, 2010
The tricky part to this question is that you can't necessarily trust the calibration on your oven dial. What matters most is the internal temperature of the meat, as in when it's cooked and still moist it's done. Using an instant read thermometer check the thigh meat with the probe. Should be about 150F. And for the benefit of the sniveling weenie faction salmonella will die at 140F so you don't need to get it to 170F for safety purposes. Unless you happen to like turkey that tastes like a Goodyear tire.
DebJ November 23, 2010
Thanks - my turkey is in the 12-14 pound range. Gas oven, standard size, tends to run a little hot (no matter how many times I adjust it). I think I'll bard the breast too, so it doesn't dry out.
aargersi November 23, 2010
Also depends on the size I think - if you are doing a whopper I wouldn't start high and then turn it down, I would go low - 325 - the whole time. I think over about 14 pounds and that 400 or 425 at the beginning will dry out the breast. I am putting herb butter under the skin and wrapping the whole shootin' match in bacon just to be safe ...mines 18.5 pounds
chefdaniel November 23, 2010
depends on your oven and location. Higher elevations will take a longer time so I suggest 350 degrees.
casa-giardino November 23, 2010
400 degrees for the first hour and then lowered to 300 to 325.
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