the oven was turned off 3 hours into the cooking of the turkey. the oven was off for 2 and a half hours when I realized it. Is it ok to eat?

  • Posted by: Tay
  • November 26, 2015


Kenzi W. November 26, 2015
If it's 12 pounds, even if you were using the high-heat Kafka method, it still seems likely to be in the danger zone after 3 hours. Like I said before, it seems like you were right on the line of leaving it there (around 2 hours). It's hard to say more without being there!
Kenzi W. November 26, 2015
Also, how big is it? It's tough trying to guess the internal temperature that your bird was held at while it sat off in the oven, but if it was between 40 and 140 degrees (which seems likely, unless it was ALMOST cooked!), that's the USDA-defined danger zone, which you shouldn't leave food out at for more than 2 hours, they specify. If, however, it was close to done and just needs a bit more cooking, you should probably be okay. Try checking the internal temperature of your bird now to help guide your decision.
Tay November 26, 2015
It 's a 12lb turkey...
Kenzi W. November 26, 2015
Hi, Tay! We're looking into this. What's the state of your turkey now?
Tay November 26, 2015
It was still warm when I touched it...
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