Best if used by dates

My baking powder is "best if used by Mar 2006" and who know when the Worcestershire sauce wandered into my life.. 20 years ago perhaps? Am I killing my family?



ChefOno February 9, 2013

I forgot to mention that refrigerating things like Worchester sauce will prolong their useful lives considerably. The cold slows down the loss of flavor, nutrients and oxidization. Won't do anything for baking powder though...

Athena103181 February 8, 2013
While I certainly would continue using either, I wouldn't panic. Your family was fine before you realized and they'll stay that way. Plus, don't forget, mushrooms are nothing more than fancy fungus spores and mold is a fungus too lol.

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ChefOno February 6, 2013

Killing? No. But those two products are far past their prime. Baking powder loses effectiveness over time. Worcestershire sauce is basically pickled fish. Twenty year-old fish doesn't sound too appetizing plus the oils will have oxidized which is a long-term health concern.

HalfPint February 6, 2013
For the baking powder, test a spoonful in a glass of water. If it still fizzes vibrantly, then it's still good. The Worcestershire sauce should be trashed since it's been ~20yrs.
Monita February 6, 2013
The baking powder won't be effective so I wouldn't use it. If the Worcestetshire sauce has been opened but you don't know when, I wouldn't use it
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