Food aginst cold

My boyfriend are down with a cold for 2 weeks. What can I feed him to get him well? Other then chicken soup :-)

Jenny Maria


Athena103181 February 8, 2013
I hear bananas and Popcicles and eggs do the trick. Not mixed together of course. Bananas have potassium which helps the body heal, Popcicles provide hydration and sore throat relief And eggs have a ton of protein which aids the immune system.
Maedl February 8, 2013
Add two or three slices of ginger to elderberry juice and heat it gently. Sweeten with honey. You should be able to find the juice in a health food store.
Elizabeth R. February 8, 2013
Whenever I'm sick, I make spicy kimchi noodle soup with extra ginger and kimchi juice. Soup loosens phlegm and the spicy kick helps my sinuses. Congee (jook) can be nourishing too, but it's not my go-to comfort food when I'm under the weather.
bigpan February 8, 2013
Tortilla Espanola. (a basic spanish frittata) Every guy likes potato and eggs, or is it just me(?). Put in some onion for extra flavor and let him decide how much hot sauce to splash on top.
petitbleu February 8, 2013
Vietnamese pho! I swear, every time I feel chilled or stuffy or sick or even just blue, this soup perks me right up. I like to add a healthy dose of hot pepper paste to really clear the sinuses. I believe there are a few good pho recipes on this site.
cratecooking February 8, 2013
Homemade broths and stocks are the best way to go! Garlic is also a great food to incorporate when fighting the cold or flu. Remember to stay hydrated with plenty of water. Avoids white breads and dairy as they will cause your body to produce more mucus.
Bevi February 8, 2013
Green blender drinks - use kale, parsley, citrus, pomegranate, apples, pears - avoid dairy. How about a chicken salad with a vinaigrette dressing instead of mayo, with grapes and nuts and apples?
Monita February 8, 2013
Incorporate citrus - high in vitamin C in dishes - make a fruit salad or add oranges and grapefruits to a green salad; roast chicken with oranges. Hot liquids are also good -- make a variety of soups. Check out the food52 noodle soup entries options for a great range of cold fighting options
cookbookchick February 8, 2013
Though chicken roasted with oranges sounds delicious, I believe the heat of cooking will destroy the vitamin C in the fruit.
Courtnay February 8, 2013
My cure-all is to juice a large chunk of ginger and add it and the juice of a half a lemon to a large glass of hot water. You can really feel the ginger working it's magic!
hardlikearmour February 8, 2013
Ginger lemon tea is always nice - boil some water and ginger, then strain, add lemon and honey to taste.
kimhw February 8, 2013
So many good vitamins!
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