Foods while sick with a cold

Id like to get over this cold as soon as possible yet I still want something delicious

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lastnightsdinner January 26, 2012
Other than my grandma's chicken soup (with lots of garlic, onion, cumin and black pepper), my favorite thing when I'm sick is a big mug of steaming hot vegetable juice (like V8), spiked with hot sauce and freshly ground pepper. It always clears my congestion and soothes my tummy.
luvcookbooks January 26, 2012
Dr. McKee's Medicinal Hot Drink,'s, from my family physician from Wisconsin, Vietnamese chicken soup (has ginger, scallions), ginger tea made with lots of fresh chopped ginger, cooled a little and sipped-- can upset the stomach if you take too much too fast), Neti pot saline nasal rinse (sounds gross but works great!), tea with lemon and one teaspoon honey is actually a better anti tussive (cough medicine) than anything but codeine, which can make you pretty woozy ... and sushi with wasabi.
Greenstuff January 24, 2012
She would have gotten along great with my dad. His cure was Scotch.
Niknud January 24, 2012
I always follow my dear gran's restorative: hot lemon tea with honey and brandy. "And really, dear" she says, "the first two ingredients are optional." And if it's particularly nasty I have hot miso soup with loads of chili oil floating on top. That'll get things going!
Maedl January 24, 2012
Chicken broth (made from chicken, not a can) and ginger tea! Slice off two quarter sized pieces of ginger root and simmer in a cup or two of water for perhaps 5 to 10 minutes. Add honey and lemon juice and drink.Repeat as needed. I also like the Greek egg-lemon soup for counteracting nasty colds.

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ubs2007 January 23, 2012
On Fri, I caught a cold and was feverish. Below is my remedy and I was 100% the next day!
Drink lots of liquids. Ginger tea with cayenne and lemon (works wonders for sore throats). 2 tsp Chlorophyll in 8 oz water 3X per day and echinaecha (sp?) tea 6X per day. I ate lentil soup, chicken soup and oatmeal with stewed fruit - all without dairy. Keep very warm and rest.
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Does goats milk or alternative yogurts contain casein? Its too late now but for future reference...
amysarah January 23, 2012
I honestly don't know. I think it's present in all milk, but there may be less in goat's (than cow's.) I generally just try to stay clear of dairy altogether when I'm congested - colds or hay fever - but I've never really looked into it beyond that.
Stephanie G. January 23, 2012
When I have a cold, I love spicy Mexican food. I also juice apples, beets and a large piece of gingerroot. It makes a bracing drink, but it kicks a cold in the teeth! Lots of hot tea too.
amysarah January 23, 2012
A little yogurt is probably okay, but in general, it's a good idea to avoid dairy products when you have sinus congestion, from a cold or otherwise. The protein in dairy (casein) is supposed to encourage mucus production (pardon the expression on a food blog!) So, clear liquids - and lots of them. Clear soup, dry toast with jam....for a sore throat, tea with honey/lemon, sorbet, Italian ices or a popsicle is soothing.
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Skk, sounds good but spicy is the last thing this sore throat needs. I ended up getting chicken noodle with added garlic. Plus some mixed fresh fruit, some kombucha, and yogurt for probiotics. Thanks chefjune!
ChefJune January 23, 2012
My doc recommends eating as little as possible, but drinking as much CLEAR liquid (mostly water) as you can. She says when eating to choose fresh fruit, as that's the easiest thing for the body to digest. The body needs all your energy to heal itself, rather tnan digesting food. Interesting theory. I've found it works.
SKK January 23, 2012
The name says it all and the soup is delicious - Don't Die on Me Man: A Comforting and Healing Spicy Soup
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 23, 2012
Garlic & Chicken Soup.
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