Can you used your favorite foods to define yourself?

Ironically four of my favorite foods are empty-heart vegetable and Passion fruit, warm-hearted ganache, and Graeter's black raspberry chocolate ice cream. Steamed crab on the side please--which according to the Chinese is a cold food.
I'm not moody at all, but cold steel in protecting myself against the unpredictable and risky, outer warm in my relationships, a trust-able and supportive friend and family member.

Karen Albright Lin


ZombieCupcake June 9, 2013
My says I have commitment issues cause I can not choose one, actually I think that there are probably at least a dozen foods that would make it on my favorites list.
Next we will be asking "What's your sign?" Just kidding! There is a book about how blood type should dictate what foods are best. I was happy to find that my blood AB+ can eat everything.
Karen A. June 9, 2013
I saw that book. Wonder how accurate it could be aside from some anecdotal evidence. I wish I was AB+ now!
readerwriter June 5, 2013
Pasta, pasta, and more pasta.
lloreen June 5, 2013
50 % kale. 50 % gruyere
SeaJambon June 4, 2013
Oh dear -- lemons have long been one of my favorite flavors... what does that mean??? ;)
mensaque June 5, 2013
That you're refreshing,like lemonade?!
pierino June 4, 2013
Mine would be foie gras. Symbolic of my rebellion against stupocracy in food.
Fois gras is only banned in California. Do you ever travel anywhere outside of California? (to rebel against food injustices of the world)
Karen A. June 9, 2013
I don't live in CA - thank goodness since I LOVE fois gras... only wish it wasn't served in about the size of a half dollar. Last time I had it was in a fru fru Las Vegas restaurant - maybe Wolfgang Puck's...? Not P.C. No not me.
pierino June 9, 2013
Some things to think about regarding the foie gras ban: New York is considering it as well. Chicago imposed one but it was overturned. BUT not only is California the biggest domestic market for foie gras it has also been one of the biggest producers. D'Artagnan in New Jersey vigorously opposed the ban because they recognized we Californians as one of there biggest markets for their goods. The whole notion behind the ban is absolutely silly. Well intentioned humans go anthropromorphic on ducks. Ducks are water fowl.They don't have a throut like a human. They swallow fish whole in the wild. They run to the feeding tube because their instincts tell them it's time to fatten up for migration. So it's not as cruel as the PETA people would like you to think.
pierino June 9, 2013
And I wish that there was also an edit feature to correct my misspelling/typos.
mensaque June 10, 2013
I have been asking for that edit feature for quite a while...It was banned when the site got it's new layout and never came back!I'm not writing in my native language here,guys!I need a little help every now and then...And also:I love fois gras and I'm all for animal rights but ducks and geese are gonna have to forgive me...I'm with Pierino on that one!Let's stop with the pretending and admit:we're no good!!!
mensaque June 4, 2013
I also have one too many favorites,but I prefer to think of myself as an eclectic person rather than!
Pegeen June 3, 2013
I have to agree with HalfPint!
Maybe our food preferences "reveal" things about us more than "define" us. I don't know anything about Chinese philosophical approaches, but I don't doubt there's a ton of stuff on the Internet about astrological science and food.

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HalfPint June 3, 2013
I have so many favorites that to use them to define me would seem to indicate that I have a multiple personality disorder ;)
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