Freezing Passover dishes

Can the following dishes be frozen a week ahead of Passover? Matzo balls, potato kugel and flourless chocolate cake. If "yes" on the matzo balls, should I freeze them dry or in broth? Thanks!

  • Posted by: ChefGam
  • February 13, 2013


ChefJune February 15, 2013
I've been freezing matzoh balls in the chicken soup for decades. It saves space in the freezer, and nothing suffers in the thaw-out. Flourless chocolate cake freezes better than beautifully. I've been known to find them in the freezer close to a year later and they're still fine. (I frost mine with whipped cream.) The Kugel will also freeze very well. I would reheat it from frozen. Don't thaw it out.
ATG117 February 15, 2013
I think flourless chocolate cakes freeze wonderfully. Plastic wrap, foil, and then into the really large freezer bags. I agree that you can freeze matzoh balls as well.
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I've successfully frozen the knaidlach right in the soup -it really makes life easier. Just make sure to defrost the container of soup in the fridge before transferring it to a pot.

I've had success freezing a few flourless chocolate cakes -" Nana Jose's Chocolate Pecan Cake fromthe NY Times April 1, 2009, and the "Mock Chestnut Torte in Marcy Goldman's " A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking"
p.294 worked beautifuuly. I put a chocolate ganache with coffee and bittersweet chocolate on the rozen cake when i unwrap it the morning I plan to serve it, and it's absolutely perfect
Some flourless chocolate cakes do get dry and crumbly, so I would experiment while you still have time.
Mervyn,Lau February 13, 2013
I would put them in ziplock bags too before freezing them (to retain the moisture).
Monita February 13, 2013
It's ok to freeze the matzoh balls. I would freeze them separately from the broth. Also ok to freeze the potato kugel. Make sure it's completely cooled. Wrap in plastic wrap then foil. I wouldn't freeze the flourless cake. Don't think that will hold up well
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