What can I do with the green portion of leeks?

Kristen Miglore


WonderingWilla September 18, 2010
Have no idea what everyone is grousing about with these. I just chopped up a bunch, blanched them (made sure none were too tough), and threw them in to a beef stir fry. Everything was eaten up.
sfmiller September 11, 2010
I cut them into 1/2" shreds and cook them with long-simmered collards or similar greens.
pierino September 10, 2010
I agree with the bouquet garnie suggestion. Tie them up with a bay leaf and herbs.
sixelagogo September 10, 2010
Or blanch them and weave them into a mat (good for tiki-coctail parties)
gingerroot September 10, 2010
I made a vegetable soup yesterday using the green parts of the leeks to flavor the stock (along with roasted vegetables, parsley, thyme) and then strained all the solids out. It was delicious.
wtbryce September 9, 2010
1. Stock (but moderate quantity relative to other stock components)

2. Szechuan dishes like double-cooked pork http://newyork.seriouseats.com/images/20080425-ele-porkbelly.jpg Good recipe in the F. Dunlop Szechuan cookbook http://amzn.to/aFdxIh

3. Compost (I've never successfully fully utilized leek greens)
TiggyBee September 9, 2010
Another idea is to wrap up a bouquet garni in them. : )
Merrill S. September 9, 2010
Clean them, chop them and use them to flavor stock, or any kind of soup really!
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