I bought way too many leeks! Can I prep them (wash, slice and dry) and freeze them? How long can they last in the freezer if I am able to?

Madame Sel


creamtea May 6, 2012
I wash and slice them and freeze regularly for use in soups, never have blanched them, and they've been fine.

mainecook61 May 5, 2012
Leeks keep extraordinarily well. We pluck them all winter out of a box in a freezing cold shed. If you have room in your refrigerator, they will likewise keep perfectly well for a long long time. If the outer leaves get limp or brown, simply pull them away to expose the fresh leek beneath. Why bother with the hassle of freezing them?
Christine May 5, 2012
Simply, I would freeze them for fridge space. They are smaller once processed and frozen.
petitbleu May 5, 2012
Yes, definitely blanch them before freezing.
Christine May 5, 2012
Although I'm not sure about shelf life, I do know you can prep them and freeze them. I would add the step of quickly blanching them to the wash, slice, dry line up though.
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