- If a recipe calls for baby leeks and I can't find them, can I use regular leeks? What's the ratio from baby to big?



iamhalvorsen August 5, 2011
Of course you can.
pierino May 10, 2011
Think in terms of cups of measured leek and don't worry if they are big or small.
Helen's A. May 10, 2011
You may want to substitute scallions or spring onions. I've used them with success...
innoabrd May 10, 2011
My leek supplies are pretty irregular, so I do tend to use whatever I can find. Even when I use them raw (in potato salad...), either works fine. If you're cooking them it should make even less difference.
ChefJune May 10, 2011
I would just look for the slenderest leeks I could find.
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