replicating Alba Pastry Shop cake

For big occasion birthday parties when I was little, we always got banana cake from Bensonhurst's Alba Pastry Shop, a classic Italian American bakery. It was described as being a vanilla sponge cake with chocolate Bavarian cream filling. The banana was layered thinly on top of the filling, and the exterior of the cake was covered in whipped cream with strawberries on top. I'd like to replicate the sponge and cream, but don't know where to begin. The sponge was super-light; are there different kinds of sponge cake? And should I go with a specific Bavarian cream recipe and whipped cream frosting (it wasn't straight whipped cream)? Any recipe suggestions appreciated!



ChefJune February 26, 2013
Nick Malgieri's sponge from "Great Italian Desserts" should give you exactly the texture and taste you're looking for. I consider that book essential for Italian dessert-making. Everything works!
brooklynite February 25, 2013
Thanks--I did read this somewhere, but thought they would be reluctant to divulge any secrets... . I could try to make it out there sometime.
Lindsay-Jean H. February 25, 2013
It seems the owners of Alba Pastry Shop are now at Luigi's Dolceria (, perhaps you could try calling them? (718) 317-8450
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