Banana Berry pie

Hi - I am trying to make a modified banana berry pie. I am essentially using the one ingredient banana ice cream but leaving the bananas unfrozen to more easily fill the pie crust.
I want to take bananas, frozen berries and peanut butter chocolate chips and blend them for the filling. I have already made a nilla crust. I then want to make mint whipped cream for a topping and then freeze it.
My questions are: 1. This is for tomorrow but my schedule dictates I need to make this now. If I freeze the pie, will the whipped cream maintain its peaks and flavor? I usually make whipped cream for immediate use so I am concerned about that. 2. Will the filling be sufficent or will it be too runny? Will freezing help with that?

Thanks for the help!

Daniel Decline


Susan W. August 23, 2014
I am not at all familiar with the recipe. Does it call for freezing the whipped cream? I did a little research with chef google and most say you can freeze whipped cream. They say it works best to stabilize it with unflavored gelatin. 1 tsp gelatin in 1 TBS water for every cup of cream. You add it after the cream is whipped. You have to heat the gelatin, but it needs to be barely warm or it will collapse the cream. I would be a little wary of doing this, but maybe people who have done it will chime in. Can you whip the cream ahead of time and top it tomorrow? If you put it in a strainer over a bowl any liquid will drain away.

As far as the filling goes, is it just frozen fruit?
Daniel D. August 23, 2014
I am using unfrozen bananas and frozen berries. I have a vitamix but I was just going to blind them until they are combined.
I am kind of just making up the recipe. I have made the banana ice cream many times and it is a little hard to spread which is why I am leaving the bananas unfrozen and then freezing after they are in the crust.
I know people eat frozen cool whip but I have never frozen freshly made whipped cream so I am not sure how well it freezes. Thanks for your reply!
Susan W. August 23, 2014
I'm sure it will be delicious. :)
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