When cooking the cocoa, butter an sugar over bain marie should the mixture become completely smooth? i.e. should the sugar melt. I've had it over...

...the heat for like 20 mins and sugar has not melted and mixture is still grainy. Should I wait it out

Tomás Regalado


Shuna L. March 1, 2013
Yes, the sugar with never "melt." This recipe is absolute brilliance because you are basically "making chocolate" with cocoa, butter and sugar, and the beating of the batter at the end massages out the flavors and textures that would be there already if actual chocolate were in the batter. I have made this recipe hundreds of times and it never fails to amaze me.
darksideofthespoon February 28, 2013
I made them yesterday and I noticed the same thing. I converted my measurements to grams and for a minute, thought I made a mistake. I was even tempted to add a third egg but restrained myself. The recipe turned out great!
Christine February 28, 2013
I make my version of this recipe all the time and have not waited for granules of sugar to melt and it turns out great. It does smooth out even moreafter you add the egg.
sdebrango February 28, 2013
I made it yesterday and the sugar did not completely melt, Christine is right it smoothed nicely when I added the egg and the brownies were amazing.
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