How to bake a layer cake with candy bar pieces in the cake.

I'm baking a "snickers" birthday cake. I usually do cupcakes but I love the look of a big cake for a birthday celebration. I usually break up frozen pieces of snickers bars and put one in each cupcake near the top and then smooth over the cake batter on top. I'm afraid the cooking times will be different or that the cake might not bake evenly at all =( ... As cupcakes, they usually bake for 20 mins. Has anyone ever tried something like this?

I'm super excited to try this because I think the sides of the cake will be coated in peanuts and look fantastic.



chef O. April 4, 2012
Just like any "add ins" they will be fine
And of course I forgot the main gist of your question - I've done cookies with frozen, chopped candy added, and cooking time is the same.
I can't vouch for this, but I understand that one should toss the pieces to be added with some flour and add them just before popping the pans in the oven so that the candy pieces remain suspended in the cake dough and don't all sink to the bottom. I'm not sure if this answers your question. Sounds wonderful though - good luck.
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