Does anyone know of some sophisticated restaurants in Orlando



NYNCtg March 8, 2013
I only know the Disney restaurants, but Victoria and Albert's or the California Grill in the Contemporary would be good.
paseo March 6, 2013
If you are asking about a restaurant in the Disney place, I cannot help. But Primo in the JW Marriott in Orlando is very adult and extremely good. A meal to remember.
bugbitten March 6, 2013
Napa, which is the Peabody Hotel on I Drive. Excellent on a few visits.
TobiT March 5, 2013
We had a very good dinner at Jiko (in Animal Kingdom Lodge). Sort of nouveau African. Excellent by theme park standards. Even my brother the foodie/chef enjoyed it. Reservations were really tight, so you may want to book ahead.
Lindsay-Jean H. March 5, 2013
I loved the food at The Rusty Spoon ( and enjoyed the Ravenous Pig (, but I wouldn't describe either as super sophisticated.
Sam1148 March 5, 2013
Victoria and Albert at the Grand Floridan in Disney. It's highly rated and adults only.
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