Thai Carrot Salad

I got a recipe a long time ago from a Thai restaurant that has Yod Tip in it. Does anyone know what that is??
Thank you!

gayle ortiz


gayle O. August 31, 2012
Something sweet makes sense since the recipe calls for lots of fish sauce. Now I can use the kafir lime leaves from the tree I planted!
Many thanks for the good answer.

garyh August 30, 2012
Looks as though it is "preserved pineapple jam" which sounds about right for anything with carrot!
garyh August 30, 2012
or pineapple anyway...
Sam1148 August 30, 2012
I'm not sure of the specific recipe. But a base might be carrots shreds (with a veggie peeler). Cucumber, peeled seeded and cubed.
Dressed with a dressing of Lime Juice, Fish sauce, brown sugar, oil, a touch of salt). Herbs could be mint, basil.
Boost that up with any are all of: tomatoes, onions slices, peppers, and even some quickly cooked chicken breast slices (marinaded in lime juice).
And even further---some angle hair pasta, or thai rice noodles.
Garnish with crushed peanuts.
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