Favorite food cooked in dorm room

This question is prompted by a post from Sam where he tells of making a dorm-room version of corned beef and cabbage.
What memories do Food62-ers have of food you cooked/ate in your dorm room? I remember a repellent vending machine in my dorm
that held cold hamburgers. Nearby was a tiny sad microwave, a primitive one, to nuke them. I didn't indulge, but many carried them back to their rooms to enjoy. I'm a boomer, so this probably fits the era.

  • Posted by: ATL
  • March 15, 2013


Brain H. March 17, 2013
I made everything in my blender, and not just margaritas. My specialty was a sickly sweet custardy pie made with creme de menthe called Grasshopper Pie. And I had been to Spain on exchange so I was really into Blender Romesco sauce on everything.
CHeeb March 17, 2013
I forgot about Pam's popcorn in the electric skillet One Halloween she popped corn and then made sweet caramel balls for the entire dorm to share . She said it was an instant new friend magnet when everyone at Ga Tech smelled popcorn popping.FUN memories...thx for reminding me...ch
luvcookbooks March 16, 2013
Popcorn and tea were about all we made. Plug in popcorn popper and plug in water heater. It was like a little party when people came over and we had tea and popcorn. :))
CHeeb March 15, 2013
My sister was the queen of dorm DIY cooking. It was not my "thing" , however she made incredible "things" with a plug in Skillet or electric frying pan. I don't even know if they are made anymore!!! She baked potatoes, sizzled fragrant steaks in butterand Lea and Perrins, and then baked a cake in her desk top skillet.Breakfast was a given, as she easily cooked sausage ,bacon and eggs, or pancakes in her fryer. I still am in awe of her lengthy menus after 40+ years.
henandchicks March 15, 2013
We ate ramen with gochujang, but then (sooo long ago) gochujang wasn't fashionable, it was called "hot bean paste", and we bought it at a dusty little closet of a shop. I learned this delicacy from my best pal, who's mom is Korean. We ate this all the time; probably way too often.
TobiT March 15, 2013
The first time I ever had sushi was in my freshman dorm. My roomie was from Hawaii and she had a tiny tiny rice cooker. She make maki with egg and dried shredded pork. One of the most delicious things I'd ever eaten - and it started my now-30-year love of sushi!
cookbookchick March 15, 2013
ATL, I had all but forgotten those sad, rubbery burgers! Now that you've made me remember them, I can almost taste them! We made hot beverages and soup in our rooms, using one of those metal coils attached to an electric cord that you stuck in a mug.
Sam1148 March 15, 2013
I remember those burgers too...they had quartz lamp oven to heat them.
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