Source: Panna Cotta Molds?

I currently serve Panna Cotta in Med (8 oz.) ramekins. Where can I find more delicate or attractive molds?



LeBec F. March 16, 2013
check out
Pegeen March 15, 2013
To add to Monita's tips, Williams-Sonoma. Any department stores that have large housewares departments. If you'd like to see lots of different patterns, go to and type "ramekin" in the search box. You'll get many pages of results, lots of different patterns. For durability, colors and craftsmanship (attractive, but I wouldn't call it a "delicate" feel), you might want to look at Nicholas Mosse. Everything is handmade in Ireland but there are many U.S. distributors on the web. I've had some of their pieces for a long time and they hold up beautifully - oven or microwave.
Monita March 15, 2013
Where do you live? In Manhattan there's a wonderful store called NY Cake ( might inspire you. You can order online. Also: sur la table is a good source
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