French tarragon

  • Posted by: triumph
  • March 31, 2013


Diana B. April 1, 2013
I don't think there was a question, pierino. I just think Lindsay-Jean was kindly pointing us to some recipes for using it. The Tarragon Pecan Chicken Salad one is particularly appealing, so thank you, Lindsay-Jean!
pierino April 1, 2013
Wish I knew what the question was. Also excellent with eggs, either poached or in a mayonnaise.
dymnyno April 1, 2013
French tarragon is one of my favorite herbs! I love it's anise flavor in salads like my Zuccaghetti. There are several kinds of tarragon. French is the most commonly used, but there is also Russian tarragon which is not as fine a plant and doesn't have the flavor that French tarragon has. I think when we say "tarragon" we mean French tarragon.
Lindsay-Jean H. April 1, 2013
Hi there - are you looking for a chicken and fish recipes using tarragon? Here are a few:
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