What can I make with dried up French bread and eggs?



usingSpoons February 12, 2012
Are you kidding?? You need to add some milk or cream to the eggs with sugar, and make bread and butter pudding. Try this article for a recipe:
allans February 12, 2012
I like savory bread puddings. Use onions, Brussel sprouts and a sharp cheddar
MikeeLikesIt February 12, 2012
Toast the bread under the broiler, rub with a garlic clove and a sprinkle of olive oil, top with a fried or poached egg!
MTMitchell February 12, 2012
My friends and I recently had French toast at brunch that was "brûlée'd." the chef made the French toast the covered it with sugar and torched it. Yum.

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Rachel S. February 12, 2012
French toast!
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