Grams to Cups & Ounces to Cups. I googled and did the math, but still feel a bit insecure. The pie crust recipe I'd like to use is in grams and ounces and alas I do not have a scale. Does 315 grams flour = 2.5 cups read right? 5.5 ounces butter = 11 Tablespoons & 3 ounces shortening equals 0.8 cups? I figure I'd start with less than I think I need and add until the desired dough consistency... but help would be nice. Thanks!



Sam1148 July 14, 2011
The brand of flour and your region can play a factor. Gold Medal AP is 130g/c, USDA AP flour is 125g/cup..while king authar claims all it's flour is 115 g/c. (doubtful).

susan G. July 14, 2011
The shortening issue points to one of the problems in conversion. American measures use ounces for both weight and fluid (volume) measure, so an ounce can be 1/16th of a pound or 1/8th of a cup, and they're not always the same thing. Metric measurements are more specific.
KarenMarie53555 July 14, 2011
Hello A:
It would be so much easier to just get yourself a scale. I got a digital scale at W*lmart for about 15 dollars and it will weigh ounces/lbs as well as grams/kilos. Weighing will be simpler than calculating.
A_to_the_Zed November 24, 2010
Thanks! These were the answers I needed! Sfmiller - thanks for correcting my shortening calculations. I thought my original estimate seemed like a lot!
sfmiller November 24, 2010
The conversions for the flour and butter are OK, but the one for shortening is incorrect.

3 oz shortening = 6 Tbsp = 3/8 cup ( or .375 cup), not 8/10 cup.

As corrected, the fat to flour ratio seems about right for the recipe to work. 8 oz total fat to 2.5 cups flour is standard ratio in pie crusts; you'd have 8.5/2.5.
usuba D. November 24, 2010
The conversion will be a bit dodgy, this is why it is better to weigh everything, but I am sure you do not have a pastry scale, otherwise you would not be asking. I know there is 28.3495 grams per ounce.

Just try it and see, you may have to make a couple of batches to get it right. In the end you will learn what doesn't work

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