Are pimientos just red sweet bell peppers?

Just wondering...

Diana B
  • Posted by: Diana B
  • April 6, 2013


Diana B. April 7, 2013
Thank you!
petitbleu April 6, 2013
They are different, as many a southerner would tell you. BUT you can make your own pimientos with red bell pepper, and in most cases no one would be the wiser. My great-grandmother, who makes the entire family a big batch of pimiento cheese every week, boils her red bell peppers, but I prefer to roast mine under the broiler. Then remove the skin and chop.
savorthis April 6, 2013
Nope- it is its own self. Also known as cherry peppers, they are smaller and can range from sweet to spicy.
ChefOno April 6, 2013

Similar but, no, they're two different varieties of sweet pepper.

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