What is the difference between Red, Green and Yellow Bell Peppers?

Besides the color of the three peppers, what is the difference between them? The prices for the yellow and red peppers are so higgh so I always buy green bell peppers. I've never noticed much of a difference in flavor, so what is the difference?

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Panfusine June 28, 2011
The skin on the red & orange ones I find to be a bit more tougher than the green
mainecook61 June 28, 2011
As regards regular bell peppers, red (or orange or yellow or chocolate brown) peppers are ripe peppers. If green bell peppers remain on the plant, they turn into lovely sweet (and more perishable) red peppers. In my garden, if anyone wants a green pepper, s/he has to sneak it past the pepper cop, who allows only the picking of red peppers. That said, some pepper varieties (like Ace) taste okay when green, while others (like Carmen or Lipstick) are really only decent when red.
susan G. June 28, 2011
There's a nutritional advantage to the bright colors. All those great carotenes, and more Vitamin C than in the greens. I think they cook up a little faster too.
hardlikearmour June 28, 2011
I find the red, yellow and orange peppers to be sweeter than the green ones. They are basically different varieties of the same plant and/or different stages of ripeness.
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