I have a question? I eat a red bell peppers I eat them raw I just rinse them with Water cold or hot and I cut them up in little pieces

  • Posted by: Steven
  • September 2, 2017


Pegeen September 3, 2017
The Marcella Hazan recommendation that Mixter mentions works great: just use a vegetable peeler. (http://www.epicurious.com/expert-advice/how-to-peel-red-peppers-without-roasting-them-article)

"Just swipe the peeler along the flat and rounded parts of the pepper, and ignore the indentations that are tricky to peel. Then remove the seeds and cut your peppers as usual. They'll look almost identical to unpeeled peppers—until you cook them, when they'll achieve a melting tenderness that'll remind you of roasted peppers (without all the fuss)."
mixter September 3, 2017
I learned many lessons from Marcella Hazan. She recommends peeling peppers. It makes a big difference . It doesn't take a whole lot of time and it is so worth it. Of course, I'm only doing a few at a time. It is completely a different product than a roasted and peeled pepper.
Marie F. September 3, 2017
Bell peppers are on the "Dirty Dozen" list for having high amounts of pesticides. It would be best to buy organic peppers.
BerryBaby September 3, 2017
I looked up the list of Dirty Dozen for this year. Oops, I eat everything on the list! Some things I will buy organic, if it's reasonably priced. But I would say 90% of what I buy is not organic:
Steven September 2, 2017
Sorry I didn't finish my question but I'm wondering if eating the raw bell peppers with the skin on is bad? Should I be peeling the skin first?
BerryBaby September 2, 2017
I never peel them when eating them raw. Wash, dry, cut, clean, eat.
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