How serve smoked salmon slices?

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creamtea April 11, 2013
But if you are just asking how best to set it out with your chosen garnishes, my mother takes the pre-sliced "side", and with a fork starting at one end of the slice, pricks the tines into the end and "twirls" the tines around each slice to make individual rolls to arrange on a platter so guests can easily help themselves without mucking up the presentation.
Kukla April 10, 2013
Smoked salmon is best served on traditional Russian small pancakes called Blini; they can be made from buckwheat flour or a combination of cooked and row potatoes. They are delicious and look beautiful presented on a buffet table, served with melted butter or crème fraîche, minced onion and topped with thin slices of smoked salmon. Thank to Bevi for her kind words!
Bevi April 10, 2013
Kukla has several recipes for smoked salmon;one of which I tested and enjoyed:

Kukla is quite the chef - she is an expert in heritage cuisine.
saragrad April 9, 2013
Layered on toasted rye bread that's been spread with a layer of mashed avocado.
lloreen April 9, 2013
On cucumber rounds with a dab of creme fraiche or goat cheese and a sprig of dill
creamtea April 9, 2013
What he said. Also with thinly sliced black bread, cream cheese or creme fraiche, shaved red onion. Or folded into an omelette at the end with creme fraiche, scallions.
William W. April 9, 2013
I like to serve smoked salmon on a plate or serving dish with a small fork. This allows guests to take salmon without having to use their fingers (the scent can linger).

As for what food to pair them with, there are several things!
Classic Breakfast:
Cream cheese, bagels, red onion, tomato, capers
Crackers or sliced bread, creme fraiche, sliced pickles or pickled things (jalapeno is a personal favorite), fresh cucumber, briny green olives, tomatoes, honey mustard, etc....
The list is as endless as your imagination!
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