Planning to serve Smoked Salmon with Soba Noodles and Creamy Cucumber Salad. A selection of assorted Asian cracker snacks and wasabi peas be



Sam1148 April 5, 2013
A high end Sake...that's served chilled. Not the normal kikoman supermarket warm sake.
Along with a good beer, a pale light larger.
petitbleu April 5, 2013
Yes, something lighter and refreshing seems to be in order. The rosé as mentioned above would be a great choice. For me, vinho verde comes to mind, but that's a personal favorite for any food requiring a crisp, bracing wine. Having said all that, I'm no wine expert, but I know what I like!
aargersi April 5, 2013
Well rule #1 - drink what you like! That said, were it me, I would go with a dry rose, probably a cotes du rhone or something like that. Or if it's a festive occasion, some semi dry bubbly?
mvangraaf April 5, 2013
Question aborted! Asian crakers for app and lemon for dessert. Please suggest wines!
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