Is it appropriate to serve a side choice of just chopped hard boiled egg yolk, or whites & yolk combined as accompaniment to smoked salmon?



ChefDaddy April 28, 2011
Oh yah and ar the tradional accompaniments to serving a smoked salmon.
ChefDaddy April 28, 2011
I believe so. What comes to mind is an old french salmon recipe called "Coulibiac" that calls for boiled eggs cut in quarters. It is a great flavoring compoment to this recipe which is basically a salmon, mushroom, rice, onion and parsly ansd boiled egg turnover made with broiche.
ChefJune April 28, 2011
I chop the whole egg. Tzatziki is a tasty and untradtional condiment to serve with smoked salmon (having nothing whatsoever to do with chopped egg).
Bevi April 28, 2011
I have seen both chopped yolk and a mixture of chopped yolk and egg white served with smoked salmon; and also with a little chopped chive mixed in.
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