For Earth Day, what is an amazing (weird) comment you've heard about food?

Last weekend, a Tokyo-Metropolitan visitor to our garden commented,?"You mean, tomatoes don't grow on trees? You plant them every year?" What other weird, unbelievable comments have you heard about food?



LOL These are great stories!
Years back, I gave a Christmas cookie exchange. Since no one had ever attended one, we had a pre-exchange tea where I explained the 'rules'. All ten Ladies were to bring 50 cookies, so we could exchange them. Afterward one lady asked if she could bring 'store bought (meaning packaged)'.

"No, home=made only."

"I've never baked cookies before."

"You can find some great recipes at the library (this is before the internet and food52)".

She showed up with 50 perfectly shaped cookies--the size of a penny!
Baked in her oven toaster.

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thirteenJ April 27, 2013
(I am a vegetarian that doesn't like mushrooms)
My neighbor, Norm, says to me, "Too bad you can't eat pizza"
I say, "Why can't I eat pizza?"
Norm says,"Because it has pepperoni and mushrooms on it."
Melusine April 27, 2013
From a guest in my living room, gazing suspiciously at the crock of cheddar/beer cheese dip with apple chutney on the coffee table: "Chutney? What's chutney? It doesn't sound like it would taste very good."
Dona April 25, 2013
I should be embarrassed to post this, but I will. My grandchildren didn't know French fries are potatoes. They're always called fries, they told me that don't like potatoes!
GiGi26 April 27, 2013
You'd be surprised about how many children don't know that...I regret to say I think most preschoolers don't know that. We use flash cards to learn the names of vegetables. It is shocking when I four year old can name only potato, carrot, and corn.
BoulderGalinTokyo May 10, 2013
Don't be embarrassed, next (free-time) trip together you could, stop by a neighbor's home garden or a trip to the country. I grew eggplants behind my car on a balcony. Maybe find some space?
Greenstuff April 25, 2013
A friend of mine had some kids over, and she served carrots from her garden. One of the kids refused to eat them, saying she'd only eat carrots from grocery stores, not ones that came from the ground.
GiGi26 April 27, 2013
I have a Day Care and children often tell me their food only comes from the store. They also tell me "My mommy's chicken doesn't have BONES!"
jsdunbar April 25, 2013
It must have been hard to keep a straight face for that one! I guess the oddest comment I had was at a casual dinner where I served a big pot of spaghetti & a big pot of sauce, asking all to help themselves. One guest said he'd he'd never had spaghetti served like that.
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