Equipment Oven so I cook and hold food for multiple days for catering

I heard there are ovens for caterers that they can start the food a day or so ahead of the event and the oven will keep it without deterioration to the food. If that is true what are they called? This would be for a catering hall

  • Posted by: Al
  • January 29, 2021


Miss_Karen January 30, 2021
Every event I served used hot boxes with stereos inside to keep the cooked food warm. The food is cooked before putting it into the hotbox. Again, this is an hour or so- -NOT days.
Food poisoning is horrid to have. Trust me! You could add crockpot to Lori's list of slow cooking things.
Lori T. January 30, 2021
I'm not familiar with any sort of oven which allows food to be cooked and stored for a day or so without spoiling. Sous vide and steam ovens to take a long time to cook items, and the items can be held at the serving temperature for a few hours without serious harm. But that's hours, not days - and not all foods would be candidates for that. Food safety becomes an issue. And all it would take is one episode of food poisoning, and your catering business would be history.
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