When making my green smoothies in the morning, I don't want the chunks so i strain them out. Am I missing out on the good stuff or is there

Is there a better trick to keep the goods in and not strain? I've been using the magic bullet but the vitamix or blendtec would be better for this right???



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susan G. April 26, 2013
Try blending the more solid items first, with enough liquid to facilitate blending. Then add the rest of your ingredients, and blend long enough to make your smoothie smooth. I'll lend another vote for the Kitchen Aid blender. My choice is the chew up the solids -- even with a totally smooth drink, a little bit of enzymes generated by chewing improve your absorption.
ChefOno April 26, 2013

Vitamix makes superb equipment and if you're looking for an excuse to buy one and can afford it, great. But if you do the math, the break-even for a little lost green stuff (whatever it is) may be 20 years out. KitchenAid makes excellent blenders for a fraction of the cost. Or think of your drink as a reduced calorie smoothie and not worry about it.

SKK April 25, 2013
I love my Vita-Mix. Totally agree with Chef Tyler.
ernestthedog April 25, 2013
I use frozen kale and a kitchen aid blender on liquefy for at least a full minute. This seems to do the trick! Good luck.
Chef T. April 25, 2013
You have the answer, best investment is in a Vita-Mix blender. I blend in everything. Skins, some orange skin at times. The Vita Mix blends every thing smooth. Thus allowing you to keep all of the vitamins and nutrients in. Anytime you strain you are removing at least some of the nutritional benefits. A big expense, but, eye opening after you use one. Beyond juicing, I have taken popped popcorn and blended it in the Vita-Mix, to make a a breading or coating that I use on seafood items. Same thing with Pretsels.
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