What can I use in my smoothies besides yogurt? I'm trying to avoid dairy.

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ChefJune June 14, 2016
I use a yellow pea protein in my smoothies and fruit juices often mixed with ice water. And a fruit - most often cherries.
Niknud June 14, 2016
Tofu works really well in smoothies if you're trying to avoid dairy. We use it when we have leftover bits that didn't get used for something else.
Jona @. June 13, 2016
Banana/Mango works well with any liquid to give the smoothie creaminess, then coconut milk is a favorite of mine, for the flavor and the richness. I tend to use cashews ( not even soaked) or oats as well, chia seeds, avocado, frozen pineapple, frozen melon. All for now :)
Vicki J. June 11, 2016
I mostly use milk or almond milk in my smoothies but found that Cran Apple or Cran Pomegranate is really tasty too :)
Sagegreen July 31, 2011
I echo the almond milk route.
Anitalectric July 31, 2011
Soaked cashews will make your smoothie creamy with no milk needed. This is also a great trick for making creamy salad dressings from scratch in your blender.

If you are into yogurt, you can try to find So Delicious coconut milk yogurt. It is delicious. Or, if you are more DIY, you can make coconut yogurt yourself with kefir starter and coconut milk. It is surprisingly easy. You just warm up the milk a little, add the packet (its like yeast) and leave it unattended overnight.
Jaye February 8, 2018
Thanks for that Anita! I was looking for a substitute for Greek yogurt in edamame hummus. Soaked cashews will work perfectly!
AntoniaJames February 8, 2018
Jaye, I'd love to see the recipe for that edamame hummus . . . or simple instructions / ratios, if you wouldn't mind sharing. Thanks so much. ;o)
ellenl July 31, 2011
Water and fruit works fine.
valerie_erickson July 31, 2011
Coconut milk is excellent.
Suburbanitis July 31, 2011
O'Soy makes a great soy yogurt; my son eats a ton of it since he has a dairy allergies. I make him smoothies with it all the time.

Almond milk is also excellent and pairs really well with banana as a thickener. Avocado is another creamy addition that sneaks well into smoothies!
Phillip July 31, 2011
Too many choices to list them all but I like Soy Milk personally.
Take a look at Foodily: http://www.foodily.com/s/smoothies-without-dairy
leftoverquiche July 31, 2011
You can use juices, soy milk, almond milk, etc. Then use fruit like banana for thickener. There are also soy based yogurts. Enjoy!
Vicki J. June 11, 2016
Peanut butter works great to thicken also. I use it in just about all my smoothies. I loveeeeeee PB!!! Lol :P
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