What would you serve at a "Great Gatsby" party?

I was asked what would I serve (the movie premieres May 10th) at a party or book club event. From the book I remember the line, "Buffet tables, garnished with glistening hors d'oeuvres, baked spiced hams crowded against salads of harlequin designs and pastry pigs and turkeys bewitched a dark gold"...I was thinking my Oysters Rockefeller, a harlequin salad designed with a variation of creamtea's buttermilk corn salad with asparagus creating the harlequin framework and a caprese salad as contrast. Pigs in a puff pastry blanket..a lemon cake for Daisy, and a gin rickey...other ideas?



cookinginvictoria May 23, 2013
Wow, this is very impressive, Lori! I love the menu that you came up with. Your versions of oysters rockefeller and the raspberry lime gin rickeys look amazing. Glad that the write up includes your recipes!
drbabs May 23, 2013
Lori, that's so cool!
lorigoldsby May 22, 2013
This was the article that was written about my "Great Gatsby" party.

lapadia May 23, 2013
You are a unique person with a unique destiny, Lori…Congrats on putting together your Gatsby party, and the write-up that followed!!
pierino April 29, 2013
Long Island ice tea.

I'm really looking forward to Gatsby getting the Baz Luhrman treatment. I love his "Moulin Rouge" as well as his "La Boheme on Broadway."
LW.ATX.78 April 28, 2013
I suggest serving the classic champagne cocktail. That's the cocktail name- not a general category. It's champagne + sugar cube and angostura bitters. Aside from this drink I would also suggest renting or buying some coupe glasses: http://www.cocktailkingdom.com/product-p/gla_leopoldcp_4501_clr.htm
Maedl April 28, 2013
Have a look at this: http://www.foodtimeline.org/fooddecades.html
(Click on the 1920s.)
drbabs April 28, 2013
Hi Lori; how are you? Do you have the NY Times cookbook that Amanda wrote? There are recipes in there that go that far back.
boulangere April 28, 2013
Martinis definitely. And caviar. Good to hear from you!
bigpan April 28, 2013
...forgot the most important part = martini's and champagne.
bigpan April 28, 2013
Think 1920's. Most things we eat today, or even 50 years ago were not in vogue in the Gatsby era. If doing a buffet of appetizers I would include things like: shooter glasses (from dollar store) of turtle soup - consomme with turtle meat; oysters on the half shell with a vinegrette; instead of bagette slices (not around then) use toast points (no crust) with a spread of anchovie paste and/or egg and/or devilled ham; a dish of olives with celery (boring but that was a table appetizer back then); perhaps a make-your-own sandwich bar with roast beef (mustard and horseradish to accompany), baked ham, baked salmon. Accompanying veg would be asparagus with hollandaise, mashed or roasted potato, carrot with butter sauce. A dessert tray would include pudding (maybe on individual dollar store chinese soup spoons), cake, and a cheese tray. Research (google) old menus from high end hotels from the 20's and adapt to a finger food buffet setting. Sounds like fun...dress the part too !
Maedl April 28, 2013
Mint juleps! Do some research on what mixed drinks were popular during Prohibition. Bathtub gin comes to mind.
petitbleu April 28, 2013
The NY Public Library has been undertaking a project to digitize their huge collection of menus dating back quite a ways. You might look at their site for really authentic period ideas http://menus.nypl.org/
lloreen April 28, 2013
Lots of champagne, of course! A warldorf salad, for middle class aspirations to "class?" If you want to stay faithful to the period, the caprese salad is out as anything Italian would have been considered low class by these aspiring midwesterners. You should aim for a French or English influence....maybe some good pâté and other cold meats for the ham (think I've seen that on 20s menus)
lorigoldsby April 28, 2013
lorigoldsby April 28, 2013
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