Puff pastry. To thaw or not to thaw. That is one of the questions.

I am making a recipe that calls for frozen puff pastry. The directions say to cut the frozen pastry and then put the toppings on it. I have only seen recipes which tell you to defrost the pastry in the refrigerator overnight. Has anyone ever used puff pastry frozen? I was going with the recipe, and now I am second guessing myself. I know that I cannot assemble the tart now and then wait to bake it when our guests are here, because the pastry will lose its flakiness. I am hoping that I can bake it now, and then reheat it later. I realize that I needed to think about this much earlier. Our guests are arriving in 1 hour and 45 minutes. What was I thinking? Much thanks!

bella s.f.


Nozlee S. February 13, 2012
bella s.f., what did you end up doing with your frozen puff pastry?
ATG117 October 15, 2011
I don't think you should be using it frozen. I would defrost it. As far as making it in advance, not ideal as you mentioned. But if you must, perhaps you can underbake it just slightly and then I would place it on a baking rack in a warming drawer or in the oven set very low, just so it stays warm and crisp, not soggy.
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