How long does thawed puff pastry last?

I forgot I put purchased puff pastry in the fridge 3-4 days ago. Can I still use it? I'm thinking of baking it or dinner right now. Thanks!!

  • Posted by: Lynnht
  • November 28, 2012


ChefOno November 29, 2012

It's probably just as well. A more complete answer would have mentioned that after the second day in the refrigerator, puff starts to get gummy and its performance degrades. In general, two days for pastry doughs, else into the freezer it should go / should have gone.

Lynnht November 29, 2012
Thanks!! It looked and smelled ok but I got paranoid. I probably would have tried it the 2nd day but this was likely too long and it made my tummy queasy thinking about it.
ChefOno November 28, 2012

Pastry dough is a perfect environment for mold so use it ASAP but check carefully first. In my experience (which admittedly isn't as deep as it might be) the first signs of trouble are gray spots appearing in the flour (but could easily be other colors).

cookbookchick November 28, 2012
If it was refrigerated, it should be fine.
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