Pancake recipe

I have made recently pancakes very simply by using cake flour and baking powder. Are there variations to liven up the pancake a bit?



Nancy July 27, 2018
As Maedl advised, keep your ratios of eggs, flour, leavening and liquid stable when you riff on the recipe.
Use lots of fruit mixed into the batter and bake in the oven as a dessert or a breakfast dish.
Or do the same with vegetables (even the sad and sorry ones left in the bin at the end of the week) and bake.
Cut in wedges or squares and use as a side dish or base for a main, with protein added to taste.
aniketvichare July 27, 2018
After trying a lot of different pancake recipes, one of my favorite recipes is the Fruit Pancake recipe which I found on the Living Foodz Website. It’s easy to cook, delicious and counted as the most nutritious breakfast recipes.


1. For batter combine refined flour with wheat flour, egg, a pinch of baking powder.

Read more about this recipe on Living Foodz-:
susan G. May 1, 2013
Here's a slightly different take on a pancake which I thought was delicious -- And you can tweak this one too, with the suggestions above. I've also made it using a gluten free flour blend instead of the wheat flours in the recipe. Also, the berries could be left out... and it goes on and on!
ChefJune April 30, 2013
There are so many flours to choose from, and each one will make a completely different pancake. All of them will be more nutritious than cake flour. Combinations of flours also make for great variety, flavor and nutrition. You can also grind up nuts finely (pecans are really delicious) and add them, as well. You can take any basic pancake recipe and change the type(s) of flour used, but be sure to keep the same proportions of your wet ingredients. With some flours, you may need more liquid, if the flours are more absorbent.
ChezHenry April 30, 2013
One of my favorite things to add is 1/4 to 1/3 cup leftover cooked rice to my standard recipe. I got the idea from a WWII cookbook, The Victory Garden Cookbook whose recipes were geared towards frugality. Makes a memorable pancake. I always add 2-3 Tbs of good cornmeal into my batter, and a touch of vanilla.
Maedl April 30, 2013
More thoughts . . . Ditch the cake flour which is processed and leached of nutrition and try some other flours. Buckwheat, oat, and chick pea flour come to mind. Google 'buckwheat pancakes', 'chick pea flour pancakes', etc., and you'll find lots of ideas.

When you riff on a pancake recipe, don't change the proportion of eggs, flour, leavening, and liquid in the recipe, but feel free to add other ingredients for variation.
creamtea April 30, 2013
There was a competition for your best pancake, lots of great recipes:
Maedl April 30, 2013
Since you are in Alexandria and local, here is an idea: play around with adding ramps and bacon to the batter. Ramps are in the farmers markets now. I would cut them coarsely and saute them in butter or fry them with bits of bacon. Stir this into the pancake batter.
Maedl April 30, 2013
You can use all purpose flour for a more substantial texture. Buttermilk can be substituted for milk, but then you need to use baking soda for leavening. Blueberries are great in pancakes--very traditional and seasonal in a few weeks. Apple pancakes are good in the fall. If you can get elderflowers, they make a very special,pancake too. Pancakes provide a fine for improvisation.
ZombieCupcake April 29, 2013
Adding to a recipe can work well too. Chocolate chips, banana, berries, nuts or a combination of them. Can even throw in cocoa powder in the mix and replace your syrup with peanut butter.
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