Error message of “water” for instant pot pancake recipe (“12 Tomatoes”)

Tried to make a breakfast pancake. Total liquid ingredients were 2 large eggs and 1 1/2 C milk. Recipe called for 2 C flour, 2 1/2 tsp baking powder and 3 Tulsa sugar. I couldn’t get it started as it would build up pressure, then read “water”, meaning is needed more water. Am new at this...was this recipe too dry and/or is this something I can expect with drier recipes. TIA

Cheryl Hontz


creamtea June 10, 2019
12 tomatoes links a recipe at the Kirbie's Cravings blog as its source. Several of the commenters at that site had problems with burn notices or ended up with parts of the pancake stuck to the insert, so I would guess overall it's far from a foolproof recipe. Maybe worth following the link to see whether some of the commenters came up with alterations that might work.
Cheryl H. June 11, 2019
Thanks for your input. When I see a posted recipe by a website such as “12 Tomatoes”, I think it has been tested and validated. I just started using my Instant Pot, so thought it was something I was doing incorrectly.
Cheryl H. June 8, 2019
Should read 3 TBLSP sugar - thought it was that when I proofed it, sorry!
Smaug June 10, 2019
Thank you for clarifying that, it was driving me nuts. Still wondering where the 12 tomatoes come in. The usual abbreviations are tsp (lower case) and Tb (uppercase T), which is usually enough to be clear with a handwritten, chocolate covered recipe. Sorry I can't answer your question, but someone will.
Cheryl H. June 10, 2019
“12 Tomatoes” is a popular website for recipes.
Smaug June 10, 2019
Good grief, another one? Too bad, the tomatoes would have provided plenty of moisture, although a peculiar way to go about it in a pancake.
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