pecorino romano equivalent in spain?

I've just moved to Barcelona and am wondering if anyone knows the Spanish equivalent to Pecorino Romano? They don't really sell Italian cheese here. Thanks for your help!


Caitlin Trenzano


Elizabeth R. May 2, 2013
Roncal is an aged sheep's milk cheese. You could check that out.
Caitlin T. May 2, 2013
Thank you Christine!
Christine May 1, 2013
Since Pecorino Romano is a hard aged sheep milk cheese, I'd look for a 2 year aged Manchego for the most similar texture and fat content. Mahon is a cows milk cheese, but it has a similar texture to PR. I think it is a bit winier and fruitier, while Pecorinos are nuttier and saltier, but it is a delicious cheese that may meet your needs.
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